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iPhone, iPad, Apple Watchで動くRPN電卓です。 メモリの許す限り利用できる可変サイズのスタック、科学計算に利用できる数々な演算子、ボタン操作を自動化するプログラムが利用できます。




対応OSiOS 11.0以降
watchOS 4.0以降
macOS 10.13以降
Apple Watch


iOS / macOS
RPN Anywhere



Decimalライブラリのアップデート Haptic Feedbackの改善












  1. macOS user
    2019年2月23日 0時40分

    cut/copy/paste/delete are always greyed out on the macOS version.
    also if you fix this, please make sure cmd+c works even if you have a key binding from “c” > “C/AC” (which currently gets triggered if i press cmd+c)

  2. Problem getting back to main screen
    2019年7月28日 21時12分

    Almost always locks up on Apple Watch on function screens – very difficult to get back to main screen

  3. iPhone version can’t do small numbers
    2019年10月29日 6時06分

    Love the app but it can’t handle small numbers. For example
    6 enter 100000000 / = NaNe-8

  4. IOS User
    2019年10月29日 7時28分

    Love the app in terms of simplicity and ease of use, however it cannot display small numbers. For example on iPhone 10 iOS 13.1.13:
    6 enter 100000000 /
    shows NaNe-8
    when I expect 0.00000006 or 6e-8

  5. Today’s new version has bad bugs.. 1012.50 / 11.25 gives 9e+1 as result… as do other equations…
    2019年11月7日 17時47分

    Today’s new version has bad bugs.. 1012.50 / 11.25 gives 9e+1 as result… as do other equations…

  6. IOS User
    2019年12月20日 6時28分

    Beautifully presented app, but it’s too buggy. Releases seem to add more bugs – it just cannot practually work with small numbers. I expect to see 1 / 0.02 = 50, not 5e+1.
    Plus, when I hit I’d expect to see 0 (or nothing) on the new line, not the last number I entered, which can be confusing.

  7. Mac User
    2020年5月1日 5時33分

    The cosine function returned a value of 1 when I asked for the cosine of a relatively large number. I was working in radians. It looks like any argument greater than 2pi returns a value of 1. This is a pretty serious bug, but I would guess it’s easily fixed (not knowing anything about how it’s programmed).

    I did not check the other trig functions.

    • アバター画像
      Hiroki Kawakami
      2020年5月3日 13時41分

      Thank you for reporting the bug.
      I fixed the bug in version 3.4, so please update it.

  8. Apostoli Stangakis
    2020年11月30日 15時34分

    Something don’t work good, because I think there is a confusion between Input line command and the first level positon of the stack. For example, if I do “PHI” “Enter” “1” “-” the stack would have normally 3 element. “PHI” “PHI” and “1”. But when I type the “1” my second “PHI” is erased. The reason is that you need an independent input line. When you type a number this have to be done in a independent input line and not into the stack. And when you type “PHI” for example this have to be pushed directly to the first level of the stack, but when you type a number this have to be done into an independent input line and the number is pushed into the stack when you type “ENTER”.
    If you do so. you will solve the problem.

    • Apostoli Stangakis
      2020年11月30日 15時42分

      Sorry, I forgot to said that When you type a number into the input line it is pushed into the stack when you type “ENTER”, and if you type “ENTER” with an empty input line “ENTER” will duplicate the first level of the stack.
      That’s how the HP48G is working.

    • アバター画像
      Hiroki Kawakami
      2020年12月9日 22時43分

      I referred to HP35s and macOS built-in calculator in making this app.
      Those rpn calculator does not have an input line and they acts like my app when call constant number.
      Sorry, there are currently no plans to support input line.

  9. Thomas Diefenbach
    2021年1月26日 3時43分


    1) Give the user the option to display large numbers in a comma-separated format. For example, if a user enters a large number or a calculation results in a large number, for example 10000000000, then give the user the option to display numbers as you currently do (10000000000) or in comma-separated format (10,000,000,000) for enhanced readability.

    2) Give the user the option to display numbers with a fixed number of decimals. For example, if user enters 1.234567 and he specified as his preferred format 2 decimals, that number would round and display as 1.23 and if he specified as his preferred format 4 decimals, that number would round and display as 1.2346 even though in both cases the internal number on the stack would remain at 1.234567 so that further calculations don’t result in rounding errors.

    If user activates both of the above options (comma separated with for example 2 decimals) then 1234567.89012345 would show as 1,234,567.89
    I always make use of these features on my HP RPN calculator and these would be great enhancements.

    Thank you for your consideration!


  10. 匿名
    2021年6月5日 16時51分

    表示形式を変えられると嬉しいです。FIX, SCI, ENGなど。

  11. Ernst Mulder
    2022年2月3日 6時10分

    Very nice to have a proper calculator on my iPhone. Semi programmable as well (no loops and conditionals yet, any plans?). One bug I encountered (not a serious one) is that the calculator crashes (on all platforms) when the result is too big. For example the faculty of a very large number.

    Still, working with amazingly big and small numbers on a watch, very nice.

  12. 匿名
    2022年7月26日 4時25分

    Copy accumulator doesn’t seem to work. V5.1, ios 15.5, iPhone 8

  13. Thomas Diefenbach
    2022年12月5日 14時13分

    I created several PRGMs on my iMac. Great feature. Thanks for that. On my iPhone I can go to the PRGM page and see 5 place holders for “programs” but I can’t find a place where I can create a program like I can do in the PREFERENCES of RPN Anywhere on my iMac. How can I create PRGMs on my iPhone 13 or sync my programs from iMac to iPhone?
    Thanks for your help